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hula hoopSports hula hoops, also known as weighted hoops or even gym hoops, are hula hoops made for adults to use in their daily fitness exercises. These hoops are different from traditional hula hoops, since they are heavier and bigger. They are specially designed to enhance the fitness and shape of the body.

Are you bored with your daily fitness routine and do you want to try something new? Then a sports hoop may be a fun alternative for you! You will barely feel that you are exercising. But don’t be fooled. The right hula hoop workout burns tons of calories and gets your body into shape in no time! Hooping a couple of minutes a day is enough to get your body into a better shape. And the fun thing is that you even can combine your hooping exercise with watching TV or making a phone call!

Weighted hoops are a perfect companion in your daily fitness workout!

Did you already decide to start hula hooping? Before you buy your very first sports hoop, it’s important to keep a few things in mind and make the right decision about the size and weight of the hula hoop.

Choosing a sports hula hoop

First of all, make sure that you are buying a real sports hoop and not a traditional smaller hula hoop. These last ones are only meant to be children’s toys and will not help you in your daily exercise. So don’t be intimidated by the size when you see a sports hoop for the first time. It’s definitely a lot bigger than the hula hoop that you remembered from your childhood! But don’t worry, it’s easy to master sports hooping! As a general rule, the larger the hoop, the easier it is to master hooping. However sometimes it’s more challenging and easier to do hooping tricks with a smaller hoop.

sports hoop

Sports hoop

Classic Hula Hoop

Classic Hula Hoop

Choose the right size: sports hoops are available in different sizes. So choose a size according to your body measurements.

Choose the right weight: Logically a lighter weight hoop will have a smaller impact on your body. So it’s all up to you. If you want to start hooping for fun and don’t really care about burning calories, then choose a light weight hoop. However if loosing weight is your number one priority, then choose a heavier hulahoop.

Choosing the right weighted hoop:

  • 5 or 6 lb hoops are recommended for adult users weighing over 180 lb
  • 4 lb hoops are recommended for adult users only weighing between 140 lb and 180 lb
  • 3 lb hoops are recommended for adults and teenagers weighing between 100 lb and 140 lb
  • 1 lb and 2 lb hoops are recommended for hoopdancing or teenagers and children weighing less than 100 lb
As a general rule of thumb the size of your hoop should be somewhere between your nipple and navel height while standing straight with your hoop in front of you. However if you have a bigger waist size, you should compensate this with a bigger hoop as wel…


Some professional sports hoops have wavy ridgets on the inside of the hoop, which are meant to keep the hoop up and make the hooping exercise easier to manage.

Do you plan to use your hoop only at home or would you like to take it with you while travelling? Don’t forget that a sports hoop is huge in size and impossible to take with you, unless you choose a travel friendly hoop that can be easily disassembled, this kind of weighted hoop is often referred to as a travel hoop. Also check out our overview of different kinds of hoops.

Hula hooping instructions

Before you start exercising with your hula hoop it’s important to read the instructions carefully. The instructions should be included in the package when you purchase your hoop. If it’s your first time, then it’s best to take it slowly and only use your hoop for a couple of minutes a day. If you exercise too much, you might cause bruises and soar skin problems. Also read our how to hula hoop page for more instructions.

Buying a weighted sports hoop

It’s now even easier to buy yourself or loved one a sports hoop thanks to our hula hoop store. Visit it now and choose the right hoop according to your weight. And you will be addicted to hooping before you know it!

Buy a sports hoop now

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