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We described the traditional native American hoop dance already on our what is hula hooping page. Here we want to talk a little bit more about the current hoop dance culture that is hyping in the US and touching base in countries all over the world.

What is a hoop dance?

Hoop dance is a new fitness movement and aerobic exercise that combines working out with artistic moves and dancing. Usually hoop dancing is done in groups (or so called hoop jams). In hoop dancing technical moves and studied tricks are combined with improvisation and freestyle moves.

A hoop dance is performed with a so called weighted hoop, aka a sports hoop to distinguish it from the hula hoop which is a child toy. However in real hoop dancing a lighter version of the sports hoop is used, since it’s not easy to dance and perform tricks with a heavier type of weighted hoop.

In a hoop dance, the hoop is your dancing partner!

Hoop dancing (or in short hooping) is great for getting your body into shape and has been proven to be a real calorie burner and high cardio sport. But most of all it’s just fun and great to meet new people: your fellow hoopers! On top of that hooping is a very ‘accessible’ hobby: it’s cheap and all ages can join in!

hoop danceGyms, fitness centres and sports clubs around the globe have added the hoop dance to their fitness programs. And the good thing is that you don’t need experience at all to join these classes.

Everybody can hoop dance. It’s easy to master and gives you the freedom to exercise and your own pace. However, if you are an experienced hooper, you might want to check out these hoop dance tricks!

What is good hoop music?

Actually there is not a distinctive genre of hoop music. Everything with a beat, catchy tune or good rhythm can be used in a hoop dance. It’s all up to you and your personal taste. Many hoopers prefer to dance on genres like techno, house trance or rave music.

Hoop clothes

Hoopers like trendy clothes and funky costumes. Sometimes they make them themselves but there are also many online and offline shops to spend your money. It all depends on the kind of event: just a fitness routine or a performance with a public. Also when you practice fire hooping, you should definitely consider special clothing to protect you from the heat and possible burns.

Hoop costumes

Hoop costumes are especially designed clothes to wear during hoopdance performances or even in competitions. These hoop dance costumes are designed to impress the public and are sometimes very flamboyant or sexy. Some hoopers are even so committed to thier passion that they design a special hula hoop costume for Halloween!

Famous artists & hoop dancing

Even some famous artists are hoop dancing in their concerts and performances. A good example is Grace Jones who usually performs a hoop dance while bringing her hit song ‘Slave to the Rhythm’. Enjoy her hip dancing skills in the following video for example, when she performed at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert in London this year.