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We get so many emails from readers asking us how to hula hoop? That’s why we came up with the idea of this article. On this page we will explain you in some easy to follow videos how to hula hoop. We will even show you how to do some special hula hoop tricks to impress your friends and family!

But before you start: Make sure to choose a hoop with the right size and weight! We see too many people who think that they can start hooping with a classic hula hoop purchased from a toy store. But these hula hoops are only toys meant for children and will not help you to achieve a fun and rewarding hooping experience that burns calories at the same time. The size of the hoop should be chosen according to your body height. For an overview of recommended hoop sizes, visit our homepage.

When you start: Stand in the hoop while putting your one foot before the other and holding the hoop against your back. Then push the hoop around your waist and move your body back and forth to keep the hoop moving. Admitted, this sounds easier then it is. But be patient and don’t give up. Just like riding a bicycle, once you master hooping you will never forget! Good luck!

For a better understanding on how to hula hoop, please take the time to watch the following free videos:

How to hula hoop basics

In our first hula hoop tutorial, we will try to figure out in which direction you will hoop in. Hopefully after some exercise, you will be able to hoop in both directions, but as a newbie hooper, it’s important to figure out your natural hooping direction and build up from there.

To get started, take your hoop and place it firmly on your back as shown in the video below. And then you will have to lean either to the right or the left and give your hoop a spin. Try both ways to find out your natural direction and try to really feel the hoop. Most people will discover immediately which direction feels the best. However, if you don’t know, it’s probably the direction in which you can keep the hoop in the air for the longest time. For more details check out the video below!


How to hula hoop part 2: Upper body, torso and chest

In this second tutorial, we will teach you how to hula hoop with your upper body, chest and torso. To get started, lift up your hoop in the air and swirl it around in your hand. When the hoop presses into your palm, you are going to lay the hoop down very gently on your shoulder and try to swirl the hoop around your neck. When it feels uncomfortable, put your hand between the hoop and your neck and lift the hoop back up.

To swirl the hoop around your shoulders, you will have to lift up one of your shoulders when there’s an opening and the second shoulder will follow automatically. To get the hoop swirling around your neck again, you’ll drop a shoulder and the hoop will go back to your neck automatically.

Torso hooping is challenging, so don’t be afraid to turn a bit to keep the hoop going. It’s also a good practice to lay your hands on your thighs while torso hooping.


Advance hula hoop tutorials

We hope that the above two videos explained you the basics of how to hula hoop. If you are ready for some more advanced hooping tutorials, then check out the videos below.

How to do the lift up hula hoop trick

This video explains how to do a lift up hula hoop trick. Basically the goal is to start by swirling the hoop around your waist and while in movement lift up the hula hoop in the air and keep it swirling around your hand.


How to do angle hula hoop tricks

Swirling around your hoop in an angle instead of horizontally around your waist, is not an easy trick to master. But with the help of the video below, you should be able to nail it down! Good luck!


When you mastered the hooping tricks in these videos, you can truly say that you know how to hula hoop! And… you are ready for some more advanced hooping tricks that you can find here.