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Always wondered how to make a hula hoop? More and more people decide to make their own hula hoop, often called a DIY hoop. Making your hoop has some advantages over purchasing a factory made model. For example you can adjust the size of the hoop to perfectly match your waist size and length. This will eventually result in a more comfortable workout experience. Read about the recommended hoop size on our homepage. Another big advantage is the low cost of a DIY hoop. Just a couple of bucks should get you started!

Finding the right tubes

DIY enthusiasts will recon this: Half of the work is finding the right materials. It’s not any different with making your own hoop. If you don’t have the right materials, you will not be happy with the end result.

Most hoopers use polyethylene tubes meant for irrigation as the basic material for their hoops. See the screenshot below:

irrigation tubes

Polyethylene tubes

Since this kind of tube is available in different diameters, it’s important to compare and decide on which diameter feels the best for you. Most hoopers decide on using a 1″ diameter since this will make the hoop heavier and ideal for working out. However, for older people or kids, you may decide on a smaller diameter.

It should be possible to find these polyethylene tubes in your local hardware store like Home Depot. Or you can also try to find an irrigation supplier in your neighborhood.

Other tools that you need are:

  • a cutter to cut the tube in the right size
  • a connector to connect both ends of the tube
  • duct tape or any other tape in a nice color to decorate the tube after connecting both ends

Making your own hula hoop

As mentioned, finding the right materials is half of the work. Putting everything together is the fun part of the job!

Start by measuring the right tube size and cut the tube accordingly. Afterwards, the two end of the tube need to be put together with a connector inside the tube. That’s why it’s important to make a clean cut first, so that the both ends match up well! To place the connector with more ease, it’s a good idea to heat up both ends of the tube. This can be done by putting the tube ends in hot water for a while.

If desired, you can also add some more weight to your hoop. This can be achieved by putting water or sand inside the tube.

Last but not least, you can decorate your hoop with the colored duct tape mentioned before. Voila, your hoop is finished and ready for action!