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This page is dedicated to the most original hula hoop pictures taken around the world. We will try to be as diverse as possible and welcome all your hooping pictures! Our first goal is to get some hooping pictures from all six continents. The idea of this page was founded by reading about World Hoop Day. Don’t forget to check out this great initiative that is both a charity and an international holiday for hoopers around the world!

Currently we have hula hoop pictures from the following continents: Asia, Europe & North America. Help us expand our list and put your country on the map!

1. USA: Bubble dance

Thanks to Laura from Louisville, USA. She calls this hoop dance the official dance to welcome spring. And we couldn’t agree more!

Bubble Dance


2. Japan: Hula hoop workout

What a great and colorful photo by Crezalyn Nerona Uratsuji, a Philippine woman currently living in Japan.

hula hoop workout


3. Thailand: Hula hoop boy

This very cute young boy is a fast learner! This picture was taken in Bangkok city, Thailand and shared on Flickr by Gougnaf. Don’t you just love the combination of b&w together with the bright colors of the hula hoop?

Hula Hoop Boy


4. UK: Big Lizard Hula

One of the funniest hula hoop pics so far! Thanks for sharing this great pic with us teotwawki! This hula hoop lizard definitely deserved its moment of fame!

Big Lizard Hula