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Do you have an old (traditional) hula hoop and want to do something creative? Why not making a hula hoop rug! This can be a really fun activity to do together with your family or just alone. I’m sure you and your friends will be impressed by the result!

hula hoop rug

What is a hula hoop rug?

But what is a hula hoop rug i hear you thinking? Let’s explain things first! A hula hoop rug is a spectacular piece of woven art that you can use in your home decoration. You can either use it as a real rug or just hang it at your wall! It’s really original and so easy to make! You just need an old hula hoop for the outer frame, some old (colorful) t-shirts and a ball of finger knitted yarn. And you are ready to make your own DIY woven hula hoop rug!

How to make a hula hoop rug?

We discovered a great tutorial on Disney’s Family fun on how to make such a hula hoop rug. So instead of repeating all the steps here, we will just point you straight to the tutorial. It’s so easy to do that you can do this together with your kids and make it an unforgettable family event. And what’s even better, you’ll have your rug as a nice remembrance of this great family moment forever! So if you have some free time and want to do a fun event together with your kids, then check out the tutorial here:

Share your rug with us!

Did you get inspired and made your very own woven rug? Then please send us some pictures of your attempt. We will be happy to post them here together with your credentials. You can contact us through our contact form here. Good luck!

wall hula hoop rug

(Image credits: Anne/Flax and twine)