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hula hoop working outNowadays hooping is a widely accepted form of working out and many gyms incorporated the weighted hula hoop into their fitness programs. And it’s true! The right hula hoop workout can burn tons of calories.

You just have to keep some general tips and best practices in mind. So we recommend that you read this article thoroughly. You will discover some great tips to build up a healthy exercise routine.

Introduction to hooping

With hooping you can build a stronger body and improve the flexibility of your muscles in a relatively short time. Even famous health and fitness gurus recognize a hula hoop workout as a great exercising form that improves the strength of your muscles and cardio health. On top of that, according to research, just a 30 minute workout will burn about 200 calories, which makes hooping a real calorie burner and a great way to loose weight!

Hula hoop workout tips

Of course the number of calories you will burn is highly dependent on the weight of your hoop. And also, it’s not recommended for new hoopers to start straight with a 30 minute workout. In your first week of exercising you should only hoop for 2 minutes a session. (You can do 2 sessions in a day however.) After that first week, you can build up gradually. 2 minutes a session sounds incredible lame, but don’t be fooled. A weighted hula hoop cannot be compared with a plastic toy hoop. On the plus side, a weighted hula hoop is much easier to master, since it rotates more slowly around your body. The lighter the hoop, the more difficult to keep it in the air. Read more tips and instruction on our how to hula hoop page.

Hula hoop workout facts

It’s hard to give exact numbers, but according to a study by the American Council of Exercise, you can burn about 200 calories in a 30 minute session with a light hula hoop. The test was performed by a person being stationary with both feet on the floor. You can increase calorie burn by adding more variety to your hula hoop exercise and / or by using a heavier sports hoop. With this kind of weighted hoop, it is proven that the average person will burn about 400 calories. So just by switching from a lightweight hoop to a more professional weighted sports hoop, you can double your calorie burn! Isn’t that great?

Some more tips…

Adding variety is easily achieved by doing a hoop dance instead of stationary swirling the hoop around your body. Turn on the music and start dancing with your hoop! Try to balance on one foot, make some dancing movements or be creative by testing out one of our hula hoop tricks.

It’s also good to mention that calorie burn is dependent on your body weight. The heavier you are, the more calories you’ll burn with a hula hoop workout.