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Are you planning to buy a weighted hoop, but don’t know which kind of hoop is right for you? Then check out our little overview of kinds of hula hoops. Maybe things will get more clear of you discover a type of hoop that you did’t hear about yet!

Different kinds of hoops

There are a lot of different types of hoops. Here is a short, but in no ways complete overview:

  • classic hula hoop (toy hoop) - a small light weight hoop made out of plastic and intended to be a children’s toy.
  • weighted hoop  - the topic of this website, a heavier, bigger hoop for adults to work out in fitness exercises or dance.
  • led hoop - a hoop that lights up in the dark thanks to small led lights inside the tube. Used for dance performances.
  • fire hoop - a hoop with spokes on the outside which can be set on fire. Used in fire dance performances.
  • arm hoop - a very small hoop designed to twirl around your arm. Used for arm fitness exercises.
  • DIY hoop - ‘Do It Yourself’ hoop. It’s getting more and more trendy to make a hoop yourself instead of buying one. The advantages are that you can create your hoop in the right size and use the tubing materials that you like. It will feel more familiar than a factory made hoop.
  • Travel hoop - A travel hoop is basically a type of weighted hoop that can easily be disassembled for easy transportation during your holiday or other travel occasions.

Most of these hoops are available in our web shop. Make it easy for yourself, buy a hula hoop online and get it shipped to your home!