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LED hula hoops are a special kind of hoops with small LED lights inside the tube. These hoops are often also called lighted hoops or glow hoops. Usually there are about 20 t0 30 LED lights inside the hoop, which sometimes can change color. The light can be switched on / off and needs a battery as a power source.

Led hoops are more expensive to buy than the average weighted sports hoop. However, it’s also possible to create a led hoop yourself. Check out our page about how to make a hula hoop first, before you start making your DIY led hula hoop. Adding the LED lights, switch and batteries to your DIY hula hoops gives an extra difficulty. So we recommend that you start by making a ‘normal’ weighted hula hoop first. Later on, you can use this experience in creating A DIY led hula hoop.

Strobing LED hoops

Strobing LED hoops are a type of lighted hoops that change color very rapidly (usually several times a second). This gives a spectacular visual effect that is guaranteed to impress during nightly performances. This stroboscopic effect gives the spectator a sense of slow motion, as if the hula hoop is twirling around the body very slowly.

What is a LED light?

LED is short for Light Emitting Diode, which is a type of light source with very high brightness and a low energy consumption. Originally developed in the 1960′s, the LED light has made a real revolution in the last decade. Originally LED lights were only used as red indicator lights in various devices like radios, TV’s, phone’s,… However, as the technology evolved, and especially with the invention of the high power ‘white light’ LED, these small lights are more and more used for illumination. Given these developments, some creative hoopers came up with their own invention: the LED hula hoop!