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When you are visiting this page, you are probably interested in sports hooping and maybe even considering to buy a hula hoop. If this is the case, then let us assist you in making the right decision with the following sports hoop reviews.

Reviews of sports hoop brands

When browsing the internet, you probably discovered quite a lot of different hula hoop shops and brands. Not all of them offer the same quality and service however. So give us a moment of your time to introduce the best hula hoop brands according to our experience.

Sports Hoop Inc. is probably the most famous and highest rated hula hoop supplier at this moment. This California based company is the exclusive distributor of sports hoops in the USA. They also have an e-shop where you can purchase their hoops, or order them through Amazon the number 1 online shop in the world. Amazon gives you the best user experience, safest credit card check out and fastest delivery.

Canyon Hoops is a supplier of weighted hoops since 2004. Their hula hoops are made in the USA and have distributed over 35,000 hoops worldwide. They claim to be a small family run business with excellent customer support. They sell weighted exercise hoops,  dance and performance hoops, collapsible travel hoops, children hoops, ultra light hoops and arm hoops. You can order their products through their website or (again) through Amazon.

Sports hoop customer reviews

So what do customers think about the product that they purchased? Are they happy with it or did they wish that they purchased another fitness tool? Let’s find out!

I definitely recommend this product for anyone who wants a mild, easy, mindless workout.  - review on Amazon

This product is fun! I lost 5 lbs in one week and hoop for 10 minutes every night.  - review on Amazon

My core feels solid, my pants are loose and I don’t even feel like I am exercising. Plus it’s fun. No matter how bad your day is, how can you be stressed or worried when you are hula hooping! I might, however, get grumpy if I DON’T hoop. – review on Amazon

Do note that there are some less happy customers as well. Some hoopers have complained about sour skin and even bruises. However in most cases this is caused by inappropriate use and not reading the instructions. So please make sure to have read the product instructions before you start your exercise or at least read through the hooping instructions on our home page!