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world hoop day

World Hoop Day is an international holiday for hoopers all around the world. World hoop day was founded by some NYC hoopers who thought it would be a great idea to have one free day a year to hang out with loved ones, hoop in a natural environment and hopefully create some great memories.

From there, the holiday and founders moved on to give a good cause to WHD (world hoop day). WHP grew into a non for profit charity organisation, handing out free hoola hoops (and instructions) to children of diverse cultures around the world who are living in poverty. By this, these hoopers with a cause try to stimulate children to adopt a healthy activity and build an exercise routine.

The start of World Hoop Day

The first WHD was held on July 7, 2007 and hula hoopers of all ages and all nationalities participated and made it into a global event. Free hoops were donated to children in several countries and world hoop day became a symbol to strive for peace all around the globe. The success of WHD was only possible thanks to numerous enthusiast volunteers who all share one passion: hooping!

In recent years…

Last year, WHD was held on 11/11/11. It was the biggest event till date, celebrated on six continents. On many locations there were special hooping classes for children and performance showcases. This year WHD will be on 12/12/12. So, be prepared and don’t miss this great event! It’s one of these special moment that will linger in your memory for ever!

How to support World Hoop Day?

There are several ways to support or get involved in WHD. Since WHD is a non for profit organisation, they mostly rely on donations and sponsorships to build up a working capital to get their hula hoops constructed and spread by their ambassadors around the world.

Another possibility is that you join their team and become an ambassador yourself! In this case, you need to be willing to travel to far, remote locations to bring the hoops straight to the children in the communities in need. However, WHD can only supply a small funding for your trip. So you will need to cover the expenses yourself and / or do fund raising.

A last way to get involved is by planning a hooping event in your own city. The idea behind such an event is creating awareness about the importance of staying fit and healthy by exercising. But also, another goal of your event should be to raise funds for the WHD organisation itself. In this way, WHD can send out more ambassadors around the world and help more children in need. So get your creative mind at work and start planning an event now!

More tips and tricks about how to get involved in WHD, planning an event, etc. can of course be found on the official website of World Hoop Day. Please give them a visit and support this great initiative!